Meet The Staff
The Anders Family

 TheAndersFamily2014Ryan and Joy Anders joined MFI in April of 2012.  Ryan serves in the capacity of pilot/mechanic. Ryan is originally from the Detroit, Michigan area. He received his flight training from the International ALERT Academy in Big Sandy, Texas, and mechanic's license from the School of Missionary Aviation Technology in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Joy was born and raised in Williston, Florida, and is a stay at home mom to their three children, Caden, Alayna and Analee.

The Campbell Family

TheCampbellFamilyLarry and Sarah Campbell have been with MFI since 1974.  They came to MFI after Larry graduated from LeTourneau University.  Larry serves as the Chief of Maintenance and is the Vice President of Operations at MFI.  Larry and Sarah have two children.  Jason is a missionary with OMS International and has served in Haiti. Their daughter Karen is married and lives in North Carolina.  Larry and Sarah have one grandson.

The Colson Family

TheColsonFamilyAl and Rose Colson came to MFI in April of 2006.  Al is the purchasing agent for MFI missionaries, procuring items needed to help missions to be effective in their work.  Rose works in accounting in the MFI office.  Their son Nick and his wife Jamie live in Ohio with their two children, Callie and Owen.  Their daughter Julie and her husband Bear live near the foot of Pikes Peak in Colorado.

The Comis Family


The Comis FamilyDan and Heather Comis are MFI's newest missionaries.  Dan grew up in southern California and Heather in Iowa.  Shortly after meeting each other in Colorado they surrendered their lives to Jesus Christ and have been in pursuit of His work ever since.  Dan will be serving as the Facilities Manager and together they will share the responsibilities of Volunteer Coordinator.  Please pray for them as they are raising their financial support.


The Curtis Family

TheCurtisFamilyStan and Gloria Curtis live in Indiana.  Stan provides the logistics for the MFI work teams that we send to Haiti.  Working from his Indiana office, Stan organizes the teams and helps them determine the project they will accomplish while they are in Haiti.  Stan also heads up the MFI Bible Project, in conjunction with Seedline International, which oversees the shipment of thousands of Creole Bibles to Haiti each year.  In addition, Stan organizes an annual Christmas Bags For Haiti project, which delivers small gift bags to children in Haiti.

The Fisher Family


Ben is from Kansas and Caroline is from Missouri and they’ve been with MFI since the spring of 2014. Ben and Caroline both graduated from College of the Ozarks in Branson, MO. Ben received his flight training at College of the Ozarks and in high school. A few years after graduating college they moved to Ohio and joined MMS Aviation where Ben earned his A & P license. Caroline is a certified middle school teacher but now stays home with their three children Jonas, Lucy, and Miles. You can read more about the Fisher family on their blog

The Gumpel Family

TheGumpelFamilyKenny and April Gumpel are from Southern California and have been with MFI since 1998.  Kenny graduated from Moody Aviation and came to MFI after working in Central America as a missionary pilot with Mercy Wings Ministries.  Kenny is a Captain on the DC-3 and also works as a mechanic on the flight line.  Kenny and April have four children.  Kenny and April also have an informational website, at

The Hallquist Family

TheHallquistFamilyRic and Beth Hallquist are both from South Florida and have been with MFI since 1982.  Ric is a graduate of Moody Aviation and came to MFI shortly after his graduation.  Ric is a DC-3 Captain and mechanic, and is responsible for loading the aircraft.  Ric and Beth have two daughters, Kathryn and Leslie.  Both girls are attending college.

The Heath Family

Jake and Cayton HeathJake and Cayton Heath feel blessed to soon be a part of what the Lord is doing through Missionary Flights International. Both are native Californians and were married in 2008. Jake has a B.A. in Christian Ministry from Simpson University. He will serve as a Maintenance Specialist and received his maintenance training while serving as an apprentice with Missionary Maintenance Services Aviation in Coshocton, Ohio. Cayton works out of their home as an on-location wedding and portrait photographer. They hope to move to Florida and start at MFI in early 2015.

The Hengst Family


Ian & Staci Hengst, from Pennsylvania & Indiana, graduated from the former Grand Rapids School of the Bible and Music (now called School of Missionary Aviation Technology). They joined the MFI staff in July 1990 and began raising their family of 3 children, Jethro, Abigail & Lydia.  Ian served as assistant director of maintenance and DC-3 pilot for 12 years and transferred to Missionary Maintenance Services in Coshocton, Ohio.  Ian served at MMS Aviation for 9 years as a team leader & maintenance supervisor, to prepare apprentice mechanics for service in missionary aviation and repair mission aircraft from around the world.  Ian & Staci have re-joined the MFI staff to serve as the Director of Maintenance and DC-3 pilot.

The Karabensh Family

TheKarabenshFamilyJoe and Wendy Karabensh have been with MFI since 1996.  Joe is from California and Wendy is from Massachusetts.  Joe is a graduate of Moody Aviation and came to MFI after working in Cape Cod, Mass. as a pilot for a commuter airline.  Joe is a DC-3 Captain and the MFI Executive Vice-President.  Joe and Wendy have three children. Their oldest child was married in 2009. Friends and supporters can keep up with the Karabensh's by viewing their most recent family newsletter.

The Karnes Family

TheKarnesFamilyPhil and Charity Karnes came to MFI in early 2007.  Phil was born in Portland, OR and raised in South Florida.  Charity was born and raised in the Denver area.  They met while both were attending Bob Jones University.  Phil earned degrees in aircraft maintenance and airport management, and Charity earned a degree in practical Christian training.  Phil joins MFI as a pilot/mechanic.  They have 2 children, Steven and Tikvah.

The Killian Family

The KilliansBrent and Mary Lee Killian are both from Tennessee and have been a part of the MFI family since 1991.  Brent is a graduate of Moody Aviation and came to MFI after working at Moody as a flight instructor.  Brent is a DC-3 Captain and mechanic, and also works as a loadmaster, overseeing the loading of the airplanes.  Brent and Mary Lee have three sons.

The Lites Family

TheLitesFamilyBrian & Terah Lites joined MFI in October, 2007.  They are originally from Northern California.  Brian received his training while serving as an apprentice with Missionary Maintenance Services Aviation in Coshocton, Ohio.  With MFI, Brian will be serving as a Maintenance Specialist on the flight line.  Brian & Terah have 3 children, Evan, Luke, and Sierra.  Friends and supporters can stay informed through the Lites family blog.

The Martin Family

TheMartinFamilyAfter graduating from Hobe Sound Bible College, Harold and Kayla Martin moved to Tennessee where Harold attended Moody Aviation.  Although Harold had a private pilot license before leaving Florida, he lacked his advanced ratings, as well as his Aircraft and Powerplant license.  In July 2002, after graduating from Moody, Harold and Kayla moved back to Florida and joined the MFI staff.  Harold is a DC-3 pilot and works in the MFI office as the Administration Assistant.  Kayla is a licensed nurse.

The Norton Family

TheNortonFamilyWesley and Leah Norton grew up together in the Titusville, Florida area.  Wes attended Embry Riddle Aeronautical University and Moody Aviation to receive his flight training.  After Moody, Wes and Leah moved to Africa to fly for AIM Air in Kenya.  They served for three years in Africa, then returned to Florida and joined the MFI staff in 2004.  Wes is a DC-3 pilot/mechanic at MFI and Leah cares for their three young boys at home.  Wes and Leah also have an informational website, the Norton Review Online.

The Oostdyk Family

TheOostdykFamilyDesiring to be an airline pilot, Ray Oostdyk received his flight training at Flight Safety International in Vero Beach, FL.  Soon after that, the Lord began to lead Ray into mission aviation.  He moved to Moody Bible Institute in Chicago and began Bible training.  After meeting and marrying his wife Tammy in Chicago, they moved to Moody Aviation in Tennessee to complete his aviation training.  In July 2003, Ray joined the MFI staff as a DC-3 pilot/mechanic.  Tammy grew up on the mission field in Venezuela, and has a degree in Christian music.  Ray also has an informational website, at

The Shain Family

BobandBarbaraShainBob and Kathy Shain have been with MFI since February, 2013. Bob is retired from working with the City of Vero Beach electric department and is working with Harold Martin in logistics. Kathy is co-owner and manages a flower shop in Vero Beach. Their son Charlie is working for Habitat for Humanity in Indian River County.

The Stratton Family

stratton familyIn 2010, Kevin and Faydra Stratton joined MFI. Kevin is a DC-3 pilot/mechanic and also manages the MFI parts room. Faydra is a stay at home mom caring for their three boys, Kaden, Blue, and Toby.

The Fersing Family


Nancy Fersing recently joined the MFI staff. Nancy is the MFI receptionist and bookkeeper for the affiliated mission accounts. Nancy has one son, Mateo.

The Long Family

Long2012John and Trina came to MFI as volunteers two days a week in November 2009.  When the earthquake shook Haiti in January, their work with MFI instantly went to full time.  Trina has become the Office Manager filling Linda Snook's position.  John continues to volunteer where needed.

Friends and supporters of Sam and Joanne Bullers, retired from full-time staff in 2008, can keep up with them by visiting the Volunteer page.